The terms and conditions of the Application (Movecoins):


Hello your application in Movecoins

(which are managed by Umlat al-Mutaharrikah the institution of the action and animated, address: Saudi Arabia, Taif and is the owner to the rights of his As soon as you enter or you download or your use of the electronic endorsement of you acceptance and consent to terms and conditions in this document unconditionally and give its governor and legally binding and valid immediately start using the app email:

First: Definitions
Second: The legal scope
Third: The legal nature of the
Fourth:Legal capacity
Fifth: Terms of delivery
Sixth: The terms and conditions of the buyer
Seventh: The terms and conditions of assessments
Eighth: The policy of return and Exchange
Ninth: Price, payment and invoicing
X: Taxes and fees
XI: Bank transfer
12th: The content of the app
Thirteenth: Links to other sites
Fourteenth: Licenses
XV: Intellectual property
16th: Terms and conditions content
17th: Support storage
18th: Cancellation of agreement
19th: Transfer of rights and obligations
Twenty: Termination
Twenty-one: Legal liability
Twenty-two: Privacy Policy
Twenty-three: Disclaimer of liability
Twenty-four: Limits the use of personal data
Twenty-five: Sensitive data
Twenty-six: Other data
Twenty-seven: Safeguards
Twenty-eight: Disclosure
Twenty-nine: Compensation misuse
Thirty: Right to modify terms and conditions
Thirty-one: Dispute resolution and jurisdiction
Thirty-two: Notices
Thirty-three: Language
Thirty-four: Digital signature
Thirty-five: Adoption


In this document, and not killJ context otherwise, the following terms shall have the meanings indicatedthey are. As to the status of the individual and the community taken as referring to the same term.

Anet/formula thnx: means all of a visit or enter the e-store to take advantage of the service provided.
We/the conscience of the speaker or property: means the application of Moffat Quincey or the App Store” or the “site”.
Seller: means all partners contracted (person / institution / company) to display the codes discount And offers in the app.
Buyer: means the beneficiary/user or all of the logs for the application codes discount Aand offers.
The show: means all theAQuad – Aand coupons Aand offerings within the App Store.
Store: means the application (Movecoins), or a website, or owner to investigate
content: means all text, information, data, images, logos, video ads and all that is posted by a user through the application.
Document: means these regulations and the terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and all policies for the provision of services, policies, and the subsequent complementary and implemented the agreement which is the part they are an integral part of the Ha.
Products: means all of the offerings from partners for sale via the app
Service: service means the possibility to benefit from the presentations of the partners versus the calculated steps the user Daily
Personal data: means all data that is collected about the user during registration application or during the use of it to him, or those that a user provide to us in any time which include but not limited to (name, Art title, Email, Mobile Number, bank account)
Usage data: means all data in the computer or your mobile phone which are collected automatically as soon as you use the app
Data: means personal data and usage data that are defined above
Admission: means approval of the document terms and conditions and recognition
Force majeure: means whatever makes the implementation of this document, the level of which live to work under her and not any of the parties to the role of the

The legal scope:

Teaches the application of measure display codes discount follow are partners (whether they are individuals, organisations And companies) and the possibility of utilisation of the respective user through the calculation steps E daily, and then convert those steps to the points of benefit in getting a reduction ratio of the stores partners (codes discount is displayed in the App Store) Forgot to the beneficiary on the code or the coupon or offers advertised in the app. With the knowledge that the role of the app is limited only to connect the user to the network you without responsibility on the site about any misuse of where that application is considered a link between the users and the customers-not about that-.
From time to time, the application in action occur between users under certain conditions. Allows the partners under the auspices of these challenges, and data cowgirl challenges in the app during the verification period. The application in the selection of the winner electronically after the presentation of the data of the participants (name, alias registered in the application) through the pages of the challenges in the application and to purchase the sponsor ‘s statement of the winner of the challenge. Fancy a partner sponsor of the responsibility for delivery of the prize forward. Note that the app does not bear any delay may happen by the partner of the sponsor in the delivery of the prize. As the application does not bear any technical errors that may occur during the transformation.

The legal nature:

Impaired cooling of this document and its accessories , and sub of the convention full and final between the app and visit there or the use of anyً of its properties or features. It is a contractual relationship is correct, complete, ribbon and staff. As is the window in the face of all the parties mentioned so that the provisions of the document and congregationalist on all the edges so that it was modified later. Nor shall any of the limbs verified or termination as long as the produced legal effects.

Legal capacity:

You may require to take advantage of the service provided in the application, registration of personal data, through the introduction and evaluation of data is complete, true and accurate. Note that the data provided are subject to the privacy policy applied in the service. In case the user has chosen password to login and take advantage of the services, the user controls a touch of individual crown to maintain its confidentiality and not share to others. User further acknowledges paid legal necessary for the conclusion and approval of this document as the contracting party and the owner of the account is the only person authorised to manage any other account, the application could provide him that he has the legal validity of the full and restricted according to the following conditions:
(أ‌) Shopping like a normal person.
1.Must be 18 years old or more.
2. Facing the legal capacity necessary for the conclusion of contracts
(B)are to register with the consent of the guardian or legal guardian:
1.In case the user under the age of 18 years,he can only use the application services under the supervision of a parent or guardian.
2. Without prejudice to any rights of another investigation under this document or by law, the app needs the right to restrict the access of to the application or cancellation of membership IE if he sees that the user is not Has reached the age of 18 years.

Delivery terms:

  1. With respect to the service user’s health information is provided and they are complete and accurate information, note that the app creates responsibility in case the input data is incorrect. With the knowledge that the app has full freedom to confirm the identity of the user in any way it suitable told me they are, but he is not bound by it.
  2. Tolerance The real and its failure to register or enter the app using someone else’s data and will not adopt a user name is inappropriate according to the conduct and report of the application (deleted account any aliases or to the extent inconsistent with the general taste , without reference to its owner)
  3. May put a personal photo of the account holder. But may not use the image of third parties or images may cause confusion about the identity of the user, or inconsistent with the gold general (when, entitled to the account without reference to the user)
  4. Accuracy when you enter the information requirement the app
  5. Be user responsible for the validity of the data provided. It is the responsibility of the corrected or amended or renewed whenever necessary, stimulate all data and documents function on it.
  6. All information must be provided to a user about the fact and it is true. It must also be in accordance with the required Form Registration Form born in the app.And to ensure that in accordance with the
  7. If the information is incorrect, inaccurate or not synchronised or incomplete or does not correspond to the document to use this or if it was born in the app causes a reasonable suspicion that here as well,and without prejudice to any rights Other under this document or order, and shall be entitled to the suspension members are the user or cancelled.
  8. The user acknowledges that, touching the verse is therefore to maintain confidential information in your account, such as username and password, and are responsible for any disclosure to third parties of this information, it is also responsible for any use of the Any person who disclose this confidential information.
  9. The User undertakes to inform the application immediately in case of hacked or stolen account or discover any unlawful use His account on the site,in order to investigate take the necessary technical measures to maintain the account.
  10. May not before the user to use another person’s account at any time without the express approval of the application.
  11. In the event of a dispute about the ownership of the account between more than one user is entitled for the transfer of ownership of the account to the rightful owner. In case you don’t can the application to identify user correctly, is entitled to disable the account temporarily, pending and the resolution between the parties in dispute between them.
  12. The user is obliged to notify they are to applying the case of its discovery of any reauthorized use of inquiry.
  13. Stimulate application the right to cancel accounts that are not confirmed or the inactive for a long time.
  14. The user acknowledges that, under the approval of the conclusion of this document, it will not be based or rely on any representations or warranties Or other assurance by or on behalf of the application with the exception of what is provided in this document.

The terms and conditions of the buyer:

  1. Stop the application services through partners (vendors), the user acknowledges that the use of the service is subject to the terms and conditions of the seller in addition to the provisions of this document.
  2. In the case of a buyer’s purchase order will be deducted points from his score in the app by the discount percentage offered by the seller shall not have the right to withdraw from this request is discharged or cancelled or claim for used, and provide a purchase order as a final acceptance of the buyer’s product.
  3. Meet the buyer after the receipt of the products by using them in a systematic, ethical, and compliance by E for all systems Instructions concerning the use of these products which is put out by the seller or the company Manufacturing or warranty.
  4. Made available to the buyer evaluations on the operations of the ArabZ. But with respect to submission of assessments of there a list expression of the fact The service is provided so that the ratings publication reflects the views of the users of the service, not the app.
  5. The seller is entitled to the right to cancel the agreement in the event of the breach of the buyer’s agreement of sale this before the date of the delivery of presentations The buyer with the entry into force immediately and without any notice or notice, with the retention of the app-the right to any compensation deemed appropriate.
  6. Live on the buyer’s compliance with all the provisions of the laws, ordinances and regulations.
  7. Please note that the app does not in the shipment or delivery of the opposition in the store, they are shipped in accordance with the policies of the partners.

The terms and conditions of assessments:

Can users of the app who evaluate offers from vendors according to the subscription to at. the following:
(1) Provide honest assessments and false in the words of appropriate and non -offensive to the vendors The use of improper words.
(2) Reply seller’s own evaluations of the buyer to be honest, and decent, another abusive buyer
(3) The lack of exposure of the names of the persons or institutions or companies or symbols that could injure or offend the min any way,
(4) Not touche religious slogans or phrases right control cultures or peoples or contravene any of regulations
Applicable they are.
(5) Do not send any messages of racial discrimination or contain slumber extrusion or profane language or pornographic images or obscene, or are generally as having a “poor taste”.
In all cases, will not move the app tony guardianship to the veracity of the assessments or project membership, and touch of individual.
The owners only. It also has the full right to review And delete any ratings or feedback is illegal or refuse to publish them, as well as to suspend or cancel the membership of any user of the career. But in case you do not delete the app for information and responses to illegal means to cut the assessments provided or participation or consent to the application deployment. Where you don’t really understand the app in the review of reviews and replies that he really had the duty and obligation law. However, the user must inform the application in the case of a guest or responses illegal to take appropriate action against it. You should, to investigate fully the right to justice and the acquisition of all appropriate compensation if the evaluations and responses damage
On the app, with retention of the injured and the community against him in criminal penalties.

The policy of refund and replacement:

Subject to the refund policy and replacement in accordance with the policies returns & replacements own partners. So that the application does not provide services to retrieve or replace the products.

Price, payment and invoicing

An prices using the services of the app may change from time to time on notice to the user by (30) days at least to be through a change to this document. Note that the app is not responsible for any modification of or change in a price, suspension or discontinuance of the service.

Taxes and fees:

Membership is free for limited, in terms of access to the account as a user. And do not impose the application fee on the design and performances listed on the application.But the user is obliged to pay all taxes imposed on the services Products , if any. The user is obliged to pay the charges for telecommunications companies with the aim of obtaining data Access to the internet.

The content of the app

The site has the absolute right to monitor/ modify/ delete or reject any content posted by or after publication. It is not bound to do so, and can monitor all postings on the site. So, it reserves the right, without obligation eligibility write-off, or remove or edit postings that violate these terms and conditions
As the rules and regulations protect the contents of this site, you are entitled to the site pass to the authorities competent for any content it deems contrary to or in violation of any of its rights nor the rights in the declaration of the identity of the user.

Links to other websites:

May be that the needs of the store on the links to other sites, is not fun any authority over its content. How not to say the App Store review or control the content of those sites and take responsibility for the content on other websites. Knowing that the store is providing these links to the users of the service and not those links any promotional contents for the commodities or services or information. Each of the Selects or password in a special link at the foreign be subject to the terms and conditions that store outside the responsibility of the risk resulting from it.


Gives your applications license a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-refundable licensing sub to get Use of non-commercial services to apply when you abide by the terms of use or any service terms, and upon your payment of any applicable fees. Do not include this license resale or any use of the trade for any of our services or Contents. It also does not include any version information available on the account for the benefit of others, or any use of the means of Use of the data or any they will be tools for compile similar data.
Note that without the written consent with the app,you may not reproduce, duplicate This site And application,copy or sell or re-sell any part of it, or use it differently for the purposes of
Commercial or non-commercial, without the express written consent of the app.Also, and without the consent of the writing of the Express App, and you may not use any meta tags or any other “hidden text”else using the application name or trademarks or post any links to websites or other apps via the app or through
Any properties available within the app.
May not abuser services for the app in any way may not only use it in accordance with the shape allowed the system according to the purchase of this document.
Expiring licenses granted dome for they are to apply if you do not comply with these terms of use or any other terms of Service.
All rights not expressly granted to you in these terms of use or any other terms of service needed by the app


App ideas, nurses, and properties expressed within it, and the contents included or available within the application services(such as texts, logos, photos, charts, audio recordings, button icons, and digital materials that are re-downloaded the software and compile the data) are the rights of intellectual property for the application. As to pictures, logos, page headers, button icons, texts, names, and services are trademarks and MYum-a commercial for the application .For they may be used here in a connection with any product or service that is not subordinate to him, so as not to cause the Nile as far as the credibility of the app or the Nile from its customers. It also prohibits the Re-production of science as C or filter brands for the application in any media or advertising without written permission of the app.
The user acknowledges not his ownership of the intellectual rights of the software and software documentation app. Also entitled to comment without prior notice, to suspend or end the services at its own discretion at any time without any obligation to you. To help in the ending of services that have been requested prior to termination. All rights to services reserved for fun and may not be user – posted, reproduced or sold without the consent of the store, where the needs of the store on the properties subject to the protection of intellectual property rights. As the Saudi authority for intellectual property and the General Authority for Audiovisual Media, the Ministry of Culture, Media download store any information or aJ a tradition, or quote to comment or Some of the services in violation of the rights of intellectual property for the application and will issue legal. Where the right to investigate take legal proceedings against the perpetrator of the violations in question.

The terms and conditions of the content:

The user acknowledges that it is fully entitled to publish content via the app, and that such content does not violate any rights of Gas.It also moves all of the individual princesses legal affiliate in the event of his violation of any rights of ownership of the character or ownership of the idea to any of the content that has deployed via the app.Where creates the app touch the synthesizer Crown concern about the publication Content,or violation of the user for any rights of third parties, or misuse of the user in this case Touch No,not inhere application for use of the content for your application.
As the user acknowledges the eligibility of the application in view and share the content that they publish it via the app, or delete the content In the case saw the app that this content infringes the intellectual property rights, or privacy rights, or rights, business Or other property rights of others.Also has the right to investigate in any time put the name ofthe app content Submitted by the user via the app.

Support storage:

  1. The app provide technical support for all users via the app and email
  2. The user may not use the words search engine or words indicative that pay for (like GoogleAds) or the names of the parameters which are used to sign the app (Moffat Quincey)or different forms and scripts
    The press for the purpose of manipulation.
  3. The user acknowledges and agrees that the use of the service, including information that is sent to or stored By Moffat Quincey, are subject to its privacy policy
  4. The app contains all the correspondence with the support team and tell them to support the improvement of services
  5. The user acknowledges that the content of the app can be transferred unencrypted and (a) transmissions over various networks and (B) changes to adapt to technical requirements of network and profit

Cancel the agreement:

The agreement avoided by itself without the need for excuses or judicial proceedings in the following cases:
(1) in the case of a confirmed user breach any clause or provision of the terms of this document, with all of the rights of the application to claim compensation for damages on it.
(2) waiver of the account or leased sub OK they are app.
(3) the failure by the user to meet any obligations set forth in this document without taking serious action
Remove this prejudice, with respect to the right of the app to claim damages if not replace.
(4) failure to document any information the user to provide the application to it.
(5) if you decide to app at any time that the activity of the user may cause to or to other users in disputes
(6) stop the activity of the application, or stop the activity of the individual and Lin for the management of the application.

Transfer of rights and obligations:

May not be for the user to waive the obligations of Eand the rights of E under this document, or that entrusted the administration account of the application to a third party only after obtaining written consent from the app.

Except the end

Site has every right, as it deems appropriate in the termination or suspension of the entry level of the materials of the site without notice for any reason including for violation of these terms or because of any conduct which would see the site freely it’s against the system, or harmful to others or gas. Also entitled to the investigation refused to do service to any user for any reason at any time. In the event of termination, you will no longer be the beneficiary to access the site and to use all means available for this product.
As the user may cancel the account at any time by communicating via e-mail and then follow the instructions specified and referred to in the mail. Knowing that the app will not provide the user with the services not the user can log in to his account.
User can also stop receiving emails containing general information on the app by following the instructions contained at the bottom of the email to cancel or communicate with the app and request it. But, it is entitled to continue to communicate with the user in respect of the data related to the user’s account or to respond to any queries submitted by the user.

The National Guardian legal:

The user acknowledges full responsibility for the use of the services available in the limit that the system allows for the purposes of the project only and shall refrain from all that is not my system. User further acknowledges after the disclosure of any personal data through the use of messages within the app. The user is fully responsible for knowing and adhering to laws, regulations or Rules, Terms and conditions relating to the use of the store.
As it learns to do what is necessary to manage their account and update their data to take advantage of the service as it should. And acknowledges his obligation to maintain the confidentiality of its account and its information and interactions, and its commitment to the protection from disclosure or misuse or piracy by US or by any agency or person from a kiss.
It offers the user with its due diligence for the problem not to commit any errors or defects directly or indirectly, abuse, or harm or obscure the benefit of the service provided or incurred during or through the use of. And to be responsible mama of gas for any unauthorised use or unauthorised inform the store immediately when observing any semi in use or if it has an argument to believe that.
In case of violation of the user of any of the terms or provisions of this document,it would be the right app to take the administrative action only within the app is the cessation of membership for a period of time or work permanently ban the user-offending, is not entitled In this case, register on the site again, except with the express approval of the application.
Of the right of each party to take all legal actions that it deems appropriate in its sole discretion without reference to the application in any way without the slightest touch of individual crown on the app. The user acknowledges compensate the app harmless touch of individual Lete and defend it against all suits, claims that might raise or claimed by third parties as a result of your use of the application, or due to your violation of these terms and conditions or breach the rights of other users.It also contains the application reserves the right to recover any amounts due to Pme, the user, and any losses or damages caused to apply to the right to take legal action or the commission of the competent courts to raise claims against the user.But I don’t guarantee the app to take action against all breaches that may occur to this document, and does not mean not to take the E of the legal procedures in any of the cases of violation of the waiver of the right of in take these actions at any time it fit.

Privacy Policy:

To investigate the absolute right to collect and save data to your users through their course of communication through the app or customer service, or during promotion for the product, or during the submission confined in the (name/ date of birth/ data communication/ e-mail/ geographical location/ addresses user/ display image to the user/ past requests/ products/ credits/ ratings) and stored on the app’s service ensuring high security. Note that technical data is gathered from the mobile device to perform the functions provided through the service. Web app everything he can to maintain the integrity of the data provided protection from ill-usage and disposal of all data which is no longer required under the terms of the policy of privacy.
Ensures the app is not to sell or share or rent personal information to any third party (except as described in this document) without the consent of the user. Is user input data required to take advantage of the service’s consent to collect application data entry. In case the user does not agree to this Privacy Policy, please do not accept this document.
All agreements, notices,disclosure and other communications that given by the application electronically to the user meet all of the legal terms as if such communication in writing, and in the production of legal effects. The user agrees to receive communications from the application via email or mobile number or by posting notices through the app. It also continues during the registration process on the application to send messages to the Mail user electronic or telephone Mobile or through the app for promotional purposes, in order to inform any changes or features, or new activities added to the app. The user can disable the messages are not promotional in case not wish to receive these messages from within stages are of the app, but in this case no in the application extends the user all the services in full and let’s responsibility not to access those alerts to the user.

The evacuation of the National Guardian:

It should be noted that the App Store does not represent a government entity and does not necessarily mean a piece of information presented guidance that may periodically change is corrected or modified as the case may be without prior notice and assumes installers on the app store any liability.
The store offers services as are all who can visit the store and access to the services page in the event of availability on the App Store. Access to the electronic services available 24 hours/ 7 days a week (subject to force majeure and any other circumstances hinder the access the service). However, the store will not be responsible for the provision of service quality or speed or performance and does not guarantee a free service from errors and defects. Note that some or all of the services may not be available in the circumstances, the holidays, or emergency or planned maintenance system. And you can inquiry to ensure you do not know the store to shop or she will be free of problems or omissions or mistakes. It also does not guarantee store the result for the user by use it for fun or incidental damages, or indirect or special punitive or exemplary or emerging which may arise as the result of its use or inability to use the the App Store. You can’t download the App Store, under any circumstances, be liable for any damages or malfunction in the service for reasons beyond his or no longer or shortened will be the application to inform the beneficiaries and do what must be about it.
Also, the success of the service does not mean absolutely success of the project. Creates a store of responsibility in measuring the success of project failure through the provision of the service that causes the stars to return for other reasons outside the framework of the service provided by the store.
Won’t be the app touch the synthesizer and in all circumstances for any direct or indirect loss or consequential damages or loss of profit, fame or damage whatsoever, as a result of the disclosure of the user name,your username and/or password. It is also non – touch individual and for the law for loss or damage of any kind that may arise from the use of this application including. For example, but not limited to direct and indirect damage.Fall touch synthesizer me to use the information received by or available to the user through the application services or rely upon this user in full.
Compare the user that the app is a listing service on the internet, and although we have made maximum effort
To keep the information and keeping it safe, however, we cannot guarantee that the information be received by the user relaying during use of the Website is safe at all times. And don’t can to assure that every user of the site Is actually the person who supports it.
The application does not bear the company is facing you, the user. As the app doesn’t have any authority to, supervisor or control over the users, and the application depends actor not Knight about them, and apply to any of the provisions of the labour law or the agency or surety or other legal provisions relating todisputethe crown of legal acts of, or to cancel it.
read the user explicitlyً on the nature of the job application and that they are his role and come across an app from this.It also acknowledged that the application is not internet service provider, and The Undertaker shelter, and content provider information, and provider of the products, nor treated as a publisher of any content posted via the site or through any property available for download via the app.The app creates any liability on the work of the gas.

Limits the use of personal data:

The app takes the protection of user privacy and data usage personal for the following purposes:
– Enable the user to benefit from the services of the application optimally to provide the best
– Create an account or a personal profile in the app
– Data processing and activation of personal data to make sure it is active and its ownership to the user
– Receive questions and complaints and queries from the user and respond to them
– Enable to add a comment and evaluate the service provided
– Provide the user with information about offers and services that have been requested from the app
– For the purposes of the business of the interior in order to improve the service application
– Customise the content and recommendations and declarations of the introduction of the app or from third parties
– Manage and process competitions and promotions
– Inform user about any changes you may get in this document
– Compliance with the obligations of the executive, legislative
– For any other purpose may be disclosed when you provide the data with the consent of the user in accordance with this document.

Sensitive data

During the registration process, you may require to stop fighting when you submit personally identifiable information transfer sensitive data to a network of subsidiaries, denied the application for protection of that data within the internet and beyond by encrypting sensitive information and maintain personal information in a secure physical environment. In the event of a breach to those data – God forbid -the app to inform the user immediately to do so.

Other data

The application collects data and other non-personal, but not limited to (the type of browser the user, the type of operating system, the field of internet services). May have application to provide such data to third parties in order to improve the application and usage. Also, the application of necessity by using cookies (small packets of data stored by a user) aim to improve the services and provide the appropriate support. The user can configure your browser to warn of the use of cookies or eliminates its final development in the use of application no. But, the Prevention of the use may obscure the user some of the services available in the app.


With respect to the application in respect of the data to that required by the nature of the service provided through the app for the purposes authorised and allowed, except that a disclosure under the regulations, legislation or with the consent of the user written on it. As regards the application that data is protected in a manner of security commensurate with the amount of their nature and importance and should not be traded to others or sell them in conflict with the user’s privacy, but does not guarantee the survival of confidentiality in full. May have application to hire other companies to perform tasks not within the competence of the app may require access to personal user information to perform their duties and functions, for example but not limited to (geographical location/ language/ operating system) not used for other purposes.


May the detected data of the user’s blood right permitted in the following cases:
– Any member of app and its workers Or a third party
– Development or sale of the app to others, or the entry of new partners
– For the purpose of protection from credit risk and informed of fraud and hacking
– To protect the rights, property,
– To ensure the safety of the application or everything about it.
– Compliance with laws and regulations, or when a judgement is required or decision of the public authorities

Compensation misuse

The app is not responsible in any case for any damage or loss incurred from a breach of the user terms and conditions of this document. The viewer of the user to inform the application immediately and do not disclose information that could hurt the app and users in case of what can affect the service. The beneficiary agrees to compensate the app in the event of breach of this document

Right to modify terms and conditions:

Fun free to change / update/ modify all or any part of the terms and conditions listed in this document without notice or prior warning. Posting notice of such modifications on this document. In the case of non-acceptance of the user for modifications on this document, you must stop using the App Store. Is the continuity of use of thee – store tacit approval of them to be bound by the amended this document. But may not be for the user to change any terms of this agreement, amended or replaced without written consent from the app.

Disputes the point of jurisdiction:

Terms and conditions apply to this document systems and regulations of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the event of any dispute, the – God forbid – with respect to the settlement of disputes relating to this service friendly by informing the app first and if it is not possible to reach a solution is not settled before the judicial or semi-judicial competent authority in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
If any provision of this document is not valid or is illegal or unenforceable, then the legal enforce ability of the other provisions will not be affected in any way by the provision.


Any notices to And the user is sent to for the application must be sent through the specific properties within the app, and any notifications are sent outside of the app.While any notices would like the app is sent to the user, be what about By posting on the app or by sending them the user through the mobile number or the e-mail that has been T.ZouJD app during the registration process, presumably aware of the user’s notification as soon as the declaration on the application, or From the time of sending the message to the user.


Drafted these terms and conditions in Arabic in the case of the presence of another language beside Arabic language it is agreed In this case the adoption of the text of the cart.

Digital signature:

The services of this app are only available in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. But regardless of the geographical location of the user, the user acknowledges that, as soon as you click to accept terms of service in the services which require registration on the app , he agrees to this document are considered a window into their electronically from the date of delivery. It also acknowledges that the services do not require registration just use those services considered their express consent to the terms and conditions set forth in this document and all policies of the other, and binding are from the date of such use.


Read and interpret this document in accordance with the laws and regulations of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And everything that is not mentioned here is the deal about according to him. Recognizing the level of service to read it and its on tape and seeing and understanding to know his commitment to the elevated position of this document and use it for the approval of the approval of all of the above by