Privacy Policy


We respect your privacy.
The Privacy Policy aims to inform you of the data collected about you, and how this data is optimally managed, so you use the app and you agree to all the terms and practices set out in this policy.

First: definitions
Second: The data we collect about you
Third: Limits on the use of your personal data
Fourth: Site guarantees to protect user data
Fifth: Disclosure of your personal data
Vi: User obligations
Seventh: Amendments

First: Definitions:

“App”, “We” or “Speaker’sConscience” or “PropertyConscience”: refers to the Movecoins and Move coins app of the Mobile Currency Corporation Move coins. Movecoins.

“User”, “You” or “Conscience of Ownership” means a person who visits the app, uses it, or registers a membership in the app.

“Seller” refers to every person, institution or company that registers with the app and presents its products for sale via the app.

“Buyer” refers to each person who orders the products offered for sale through the app.

“Products” refers to all products offered by sellers for sale via the app.

“Policy” refers to this document and its terms and conditions.

“Personal data” refers to all data collected about the user during or while registering with the app, or those provided to us by the user at any time, including but not limited to (name, age, address, email, mobile number, bank account).

“Usage data” refers to all your computer or mobile phone data, which is automatically collected once you use the app.

“Data” refers to personal and usage data that are defined in the first place.

Second: The data we collect about you:

We may collect and process the following data about you:

  1. The data you provide to us while you register for the app, such as name, phone number, email, sex.
  2. Personal data that you provide us while communicating with you through the app.
  3. Personal data that you provide us while promoting products and submitting offers through the app.
  4. The personal data you provide us when you report a problem you encountered while using the app.
  5. The data you provide to us when you report an application problem.
  6. The data you provide to us when you communicate with us or serve our customers for any reason.
  7. The data you provide to us while you evaluate the services you received through the app.

Third: Limits on the use of your personal data

We are always committed to protecting your privacy, so we use your personal data for the following purposes:

  1. To enable you to use our services optimally, and always providethe best foryou.
  2. To create your account or profile through which you communicate with us through the app.
  3. To process the data, you provide through our services such as making sure that your email or your phone number is active and valid for use and owned by you.
  4. To receive questions, complaints and inquiries from you, and to answer them.
  5. To receive your comments and assessment of the service you have received through our app, and to respond to them.
  6. To process your answers to questionnaires posted via theapp and which you participated in.
  7. To provide you with information about the products and services you request through the app.
  8. For internal business purposes such as improving our services.
  9. To customize the content, recommendations and ads that we and third parties offer to you, whether on the services or anywhere else on the Internet.
  10. To manage and process competitions and promotions.
  11. To contact you regarding government communications, at our sole discretion, regarding changes in our privacy policy, terms of use or any of our other policy.
  12. For the exception of regulatory and legal obligations.
  13. For purposes disclosed at the time your information is provided, with your consent, and in accordance with this privacy policy.

Fourth: Site guarantees to protect:

User Data

  1. The app undertakes to keep your personal or banking data for the duration required by the nature of the transaction you make through the app.
  2. 2-The Application undertakes not to deal with your personal data for unauthorized or free purposes with any other party unless required by us or authorized by the relevant regulations and instructions, or with the prior written consent of the user to whom the information relates.
  3. The app undertakes to take reasonable steps to ensure that the user’s personal data, and related records, are protected in a security manner that suits their importance.
  4. 5-We undertake to protect your privacy at all times, and we will never sell your personal data, or allow it to be traded to third parties.

Fifth: Disclosure of your personal data:

  1. You know and agree that the Internet is not a securemedium, and that the confidentiality of your data cannot be fully guaranteed.
  2. We, for our part, undertake within the legal limits of not disclosing or using confidential data. contrary to your right to privacy.
  3. We undertake not to trade or sell your data to third-world members, but you grant us the right to allow our employees to handle your personal data within the limits of service delivery.
  4. We may disclose your personal data to any member of our group, which means our branches and institutions.
  5. We may disclose yourpersonal data to thirdparties:
    1. If we sell assets from our institution, or partner us, we will disclose your data to the new buyer or partner.
    2. Our partners provide services to protect against credit risk, fraud and electronic piracy.
    3. If we are required to disclose or share your personal data in order to protect the rights, property, integrity of the application, our employees or others.
  6. We may disclose your personal data to complywith legal or contractual obligations in the followingcases:
    1. If we are required to disclose or share your personal data in order to comply withany legal obligation or to enforce or enforce our terms and conditions orany otheragreement.
    2. In the event of a judicial decisionor a decision from the competent judicial authorities, we are obliged to doso.

Sixth: Userobligations:

  1. The parties to this agreement are committed to maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of their personal data, and they acknowledge and
    Their personal responsibility is that the disclosure of the personal data of the other party shall be on His responsibility without any interference from us, and without any responsibility onus.
  2. Parties are obliged not to disclose any personal data during the use of the in-app messaging feature, and they are personally responsible for any disclosure of this type.
  3. The parties undertake to preserve the secrets of the application, and each ofthem is asked in our face about any breach of the confidentiality of the application and itsoperations.
  4. You are obliged to refrain from disclosing any data related to the operation of the application to third parties, whether for a fee or for free.
  5. Is obliged to maintain the confidentiality of all data relating to the details of transactions through the application, and not to use them in any way, and is responsible for the contract and legal liability for any illegal or unauthorized use of such data.
  6. You acknowledge that you avoid following any means that will help collect data about other users, including email, mobile numbers and other means of communication.

Seventh: Amendments:

  1. We have the right to amend this policy at anytime.
  2. If we amend this policy, we will post a notice via the app, and you should be aware of these modifications as soon as the notice is posted via the app.
  3. Continuing to use the app means that youagree with the modifications and updates we havemade.

The service provided by Movecoins under the terms of use includes many Products and services that help you create and manage your e-business (marketer).

Any new features or tools added to the current service are also subjectto the same terms, you can see the terms at any time at the followinglink.

Movecoins has the right to update and change the terms of use by publishing Updates and changes to their location or app. It is also advisable to visit the site from time to time to see On any updatethat might affect meas.

You must read and approve all the terms of use and privacy policy before you become an official user of movecoins If you are an individual or an organization. Or a casual companyto sell products within the app.

Summaries are provided in asimplified language for clarification and are not legally binding. Please read “Termsof Use” To get the full pictureof your legalrequirements. Youalso agree to these terms. Make sure you check periodically For the latestupdates.

Activate the account

Movecoins Account

  • The beneficiary of the service is the contracting party (account owner) and is subject to the terms Use and he is the only personauthorized to manage any other account we mayprovide.

Bank transfer service

  • Movecoins has the right to activate the bank transfer service at the request of the owner account, using its own information. Where the payment process is collected by the application and then transferred to the bank account of the owner of the store or seller after taking the application for his commission which is net after deducting the fee of the electronic payment gate from the sale of each product individually.
  • The coordination between the application and the owner ofthe store or seller is done about the dates of the bank transfers after collecting the application commission.
  • The user is fully responsible for the management of bank transfer services as account owner And activate and maintain the correct bank account information for his store. The account holder is Responsible for activating or canceling the account. Movecoins is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by the account holder’s failure to maintain the transfers.
    Banking and management.
  • The account holder agrees to the bank’s terms and conditions once you use the transfer service. Bank. Movecoins is not responsible for any violation of the Bank’s terms and conditions. If the account holder does not agree with the bank’s terms and conditions, he or she should disable the bank transfer services and not continue.

General provisions:
You must read all the terms and conditions of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
This is to be approved and accepted before you become a member of Movecoins.

  • Technical support is provided to all Users of movecoins and is available only through the app and email.
  • The terms of use are subject to the applicable laws of Saudi Arabia regardless of Regardless of conflict-of-laws agreements. Both parties must grant exclusive jurisdiction The courts of Saudi Arabia are final and unconditional in relation to any dispute or claim in which the terms of use were the cause.
  • The account holder acknowledges that Movecoins may amend these terms of use at any time by posting the amended terms of use on the Movecoins and/or the application and the modifications to the terms of service apply as of the date of publication. The account holder’s use of the services after the modification that is made Posted on Movecoins website and/or app is considered to be a greed for terms of use Amendedand accepted. The account holder must stop using the service if he does not agree to any changes to the terms of use.
  • The account holder may not use Movecoinsfor any illegal or unauthorized purpose and is not entitled to use the service, including violating any laws in the region. Judicial (including copy right laws) and applicable laws to the user with the client you’re or the laws of Saudi Arabia. You will abide by all applicable laws, rules and regulations in your use of the Service.
  • The user acknowledges that you do not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, exploit, use or access any part of the Service without the express written permission of MoveCoins.
  • The user is not entitled to use search engine words or other semantic words that allow payment by clicking Such as Google AdsorIDs that use Movecoins tags/ or different shapes and distorted writings for the purpose of manipulation.
  • The user should be aware that the content of their store (except payment information) It can be transferred unencrypted and includes (a) transmission over different networks. And (b) changes To adapt to the technical requirements of networks or connectivity devices. Information is also encrypted Always pay while moving from one network to another.
  • The user acknowledges and agrees that the use of the service, including information sent to or stored by Movecoins, is subject to its privacy policy on /privacy-policy
  • The terms of use willbe available in Both Arabic andEnglish. In the event of any conflict Or a contradiction between the English terms of use and the terms of use available in Arabic, the latest Arabic version of the terms of use is approved and will be published in/terms-of-service

Movecoins Rights:

  • Movecoins has the right tomodify or terminate the service for any reason and without prior An alarm at any time.
  • Movecoins has the right to refuse to activate the service to anyone and for any reason at any time.
  • Movecoinshas the right toremove store content and accounts that contain content you se MoveCoins at its own discretion is illegal, abusive, threatening, defaming, slandering, pornographic, obscene, impertive in any way or violating The intellectual property of any party or the terms of use or the terms of the offer in Movecoins.
  • Verbal or written ill-treatment of any kind (including threats of ill-treatment or Retaliation) against any Movecoins client, Movecoins employee, member or administrator will result in the immediate termination of the account.
  • Movecoins does not display pre-stored content and is subject to our absolute discretion to reject or remove any stored content available through the Service.
  • Movecoins is entitled to provide services to competitors and is not prepared in any way Uniqueness in any of the sectors available in the market. The user also acknowledges and agrees to Movecoins employees and contractors may be Movecoins customers/dealers at the same time and may compete with the user, but are not entitled Movecoins mayuse the user’s confidential information when doingso.
  • In the event of a dispute over account ownership Movecoins may request documents To verify or verify the ownership of the account. Documents may include, but are not limited to, a copy Electronic(scanned) from a license of the user’s business activity or a copy of the national id card, or the last four digits of the credit card in the file and so on.
  • Movecoins does not tolerateany product shipment procedures for all companies Share the app.
  • Movecoinsmaydecide at its own discretion who owns the account
    And transfer the account to the rightful owner. If Movecoins can’t identify the account holder Logically legitimate, she has the right to temporarily disable the account until the decision is determined between the two parties. Disputants or cancel and close the account.

Limits of responsibility:

  • User agrees and realizes that Movecoins will not be responsible for any damages Direct, indirect, accidental, private, consequential or fatal, including but not limited to damages resulting from loss of profit, reputation, use, data or Other intangible losses resulting from the use of the service or inability to use it.
  • In all cases Movecoinsis not responsible for loss of profits or any special, accidental or consequential damages arising from its services or terms of use (including due to) negligence.).  The user agrees to compensate and protect Movecoins and (as required) we are Movecoins or affiliated or associated stores Movecoins Or Officials or Employees are not affected by any claim or Application including attorney’s fees filed by any third party due to or arising from a breach The user of these terms of use or the documents it contains refer to, or violate any Law or public rights.
  • The account holder is responsible for the use. While the service is “asit is” and “as it is” Available” is provided without any warranty or terms express, implied or legal.
  • Movecoins does not guaranteethat the service will be uninterrupted, at the time Appropriate, safe, or error-free.
  • Movecoins does not guarantee that the results of using the service will be accurate or consistent.
  • Movecoins does not guaranteethat the quality of any products, services, information or materials Others purchased or obtained from the user via the service will reach you expectations or any errors in the service will be corrected.


  • Movecoinsdoes not have the right toclaim intellectual property rights over the content you upload to Movecoins, and all the content you upload remains yours. As you delete Store offers at any time by requesting to delete the account.
  • When the content is uploadedto the store, the user agrees:(a) allowing other Internet users to view the store’scontent. (b) Allow Movecoins to view and save your store’s content. (c) Movecoins has the right to review the store’s uploaded content at any time.
  • The user retains ownership of all content uploaded to Movecoins, and in any case when the store is public, it is an agreement for others to view content The store. The user is responsible for enforcing the laws or regulations applicable to the content of the store.
  • Movecoins will not disclose confidential third-party user information unless required during the service. Confidential information contains any material or information it provides The user for Movecoins Is Not Publicly Known.

Confidential information does not include information that:
(a) It was available in public domains at the time we received it.

(b) Enter into the public domain after receiving her Movecoins without any error from Movecoins

(c) Movecoins receives from someone else without breaching our obligations or confidentiality our own or them.

(d) Claimants to disclose it by law.

  • Movecoins is entitled to open license to use names and tags Commercial, service marks and logos associated with the user’s store to promote the service.

Third-party logistics companies:

  • Movecoins does not bearany shipping charges for the products sold, but they are The ownerof the store andoffers in case of selling the product to the customer.

MoveCoins Wallpapers Store:

  • The user can customize the look of their store using templates and images that fit Storesizes. The user has the right to use the design template of Movecoins store  Movecoins is only in-store and is not allowed to move or sell any design template from the store Movecoins to any someone else’s store in Movecoins or in Anywhere else.
  • The user can customize the design of the Movecoins template to suit his store up to three high quality designs. Movecoins is entitled to add or modify the appendix Which shows her identity at herowndiscretion. Movecoins is entitled to movecoins from its perspective Your select and modify the template that Contains an item that may be illegal, offensive, threatening, defamatory or content pornographic, obscene, unwanted in any way or violates anyone’s intellectual property, even after receiving the template in this case. MoveCoins may modify the template To add new designs, technical changes and updates asrequired.
  • Movecoins owns the intellectual property rights to its design template. If you exceed the rights granted through a purchase, Movecoins may take legal and administrative action against the user, such as modifying or closing the store.
  • It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the use of old or new Movecoins design templates does not replace or damage the user’s store content.

Cancellation and termination

  • The user can cancel their account at any time by communicating via email and then following the specific instructions referred to in the mail from Movecoins.
    • Movecoins willstop providing the user with services and will not be able to yet That’s from accessing his account.
    • Movecoins does not receive any payments for the product offer in the store doesn’t have The user has the right to refund any fee, unless otherwise stated in the terms of use.
    • Any balance due to Movecoins from commission as a result of your use The services through the date of this termination will immediately be fully payable and the user’s site services will be suspended immediately.
  • If the expiration date comes and there is a fee not paid by the user, an invoice will be sent One final via e-mail. After paying the bill in full, no fees will be charged from User again.
  • Movecoins reserves full eligibility to modify or terminate services to the user or His account for any reason at any time and without notice.
  • Fraud: Movecoins has the right tosuspend or terminate your account if Suspect editing activity in relation to service and taking any further action if necessary.

Adjustments to service and prices:

  • Prices for the use of services are not fixed and subject to change, with the user notified before 30 days. This notification can be provided at any time by posting changes to Movecoins website.
  • Movecoins reserves the right to modify at any time and from time to time or to stop the service (or any part of it) with or without notice.
  • Movecoins is not liable to the user or any third party for any modification, price change, suspension or suspension of the Service.

Third-party services:

  • In addition to these terms, the user agrees to comply with the additional terms of use then Applies to services purchased or provided by third parties.
  • Movecoins does not provide any guarantees regarding third-party services. And he admits. user that Movecoins has no authority over third-party services, nor Be responsible for anyone connected to these third-party services. The provision of services Third party in Movecoins application and integrate or activate services and connect with Third-party services do not constitute or involve support, license, sponsorship or affiliation MoveCoins for third-party service provider. Movecoins stresses that the user seeks advice from specialists before using the party services third or rely on it to ensure that his needs are met.
  • If the user installs or enables a third-party service to use with the services, it grants movecoins permission to allow the current third party access to the data its own and take any other actions as required in order to activate the party service Third with services, any exchange of data or other interaction between the user and the party The third is an interaction that stays between them. Movecoins is not responsible for detecting User data, store content, modification or deletion of any corresponding losses or damages that may be experienced as a result of access by a third party or third-party service provider to your data or store content.
  • Movecoins is not liable under any circumstances for any direct or other damages. Direct, incidental, private, dependent, punitive, exceptional or any other damage whatsoever and Resulting from any third-party services or contractual relationship with any third-party provider, these restrictions apply even if Movecoins is notified of the possibility of such an occurrence. The damage. The above-mentioned restrictions apply to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law.
  • You agree to compensate movecoins parent company and protect mobile currencies and affiliates and friendly and Movecoins partners and employees and agents and employees of any damage of any claim including attorney’s fees and resulting from Your use of a third-party service or user relationship with a third-party provider.