Step Means a Lot

Walking is an important sport, which plays a major role in maintaining a healthy body.
Through this sport, each of your steps during our walking walk in MoveCoins represents a price for it, by converting these steps into points that you can use to purchase distinctive products at great discounts anywhere, anytime. MoveCoins also offers many other features and properties.


Let’s walk for a health community

Get Coins

More steps, more coins

Invite Your Friends

With sharing our friends, the experience, courage, challenge, motivation, joy


Unique products and services

Who We Are

MoveCoins is an application that calculates the number of your daily steps and then the sum of these steps is converted into currencies (points), through the collection of points you can buy products at different discounts.
In addition, MoveCoins allows you to make friends via the map or send invitations through other platforms. MoveCoins also allows you to transfer coins (points) to your added friends.

Movecoins For All

Whether you are a user or a seller, the true value of this app is to use it in proper way.
For the user by walking and converting steps into discount points.
For the seller, the app will be a platform to offer its products widely among customers.

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