Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1- Is Movecoins running on Apple and Android system?
→  At the moment it only works on iOS for iPhone, and we are working in the future to provide the application on Android system Android.


2- How do I check my Movecoins wallet?
→  Once acquired, your Movecoins are automatically added to your wallet. You can see your current Movecoins balance on the Wallet screen.


3- How many steps are needed to earn one Movecoins coin?
→  Transfer 1,000 verified steps are converted automatically through exercise or daily walking, and converted into 1 coin.


4- How can I find friends and invite them to Movecoins?
→  You can find friends through your contact record after you have been allowed to access your contact record, and then says to send an invitation.


5- How do I spend my coins and use it on Movecoins?
→  You can use the coins gained in your Movecoins app to purchase goods and services from brands and take advantage of special offers on
Market our application to reach your market:
– If you use the application in Arabic, you can find it in the store option
– If you use the application in English, you can find it in the store option
– Offers on our market change at least once a day, and stay tuned for something you might like and get it 😉
– When you’re ready to choose an offer, click the “Buy” button to purchase it with your own Movecoins. To get the offer.
You will have to finish the purchase and confirm the purchase after completing the process correctly in your email.


6- Are there membership levels in the application?
→  Yes, there are membership levels
Application Memberships:
1- Silver member, every 1000 steps will be awarded points.
– Golden member, every 1000 steps will be obtained point and a half.
3- Platinum member, every 1000 steps, two points will be obtained.
• The upgrade is from silver to gold after the user gets 500 coins
• Upgrade from Gold to Platinum after the user gets 1000 coins.


7- Can I send / receive Movecoins coins to / from friends / other users?
→  Mov Any registered user can send and receive Movecoins. To transfer Movecoins, go to the beginning and then the coins, after which we choose a transfer and choose the friend you want to send coins to
(This is not just his name, so make sure you have the correct username like Naif90), and you can also write an Message while transferring points.
– When this starts, if you mistakenly send Movecoins to the wrong user, they will be lost to you … forever. Unless of course, the other user was friendly enough to send him back!


8- How to log out of Movecoins? (You can not)?
→  Movecoins only supports one account per mobile / device number (see our Terms of Use for more details), so logging out is not permitted in the app.


9- How can I change my username, email address, profile picture, or profile information?
→  To change your email address or other account / profile details, please open the app’s profile screen and then:

Click on the “File” option (the settings icon is on the left in the upper left corner) You can then edit all personal details, you have a username.


10- Do Movecoins calculate my steps when I am in the background?
→  No, it is necessary to open or enter the application in order to calculate your daily steps.


11- How do I block a user I don’t want?
→  There is blocking feature in the app only, you can block the friend from the friends list at (start).


12- How is the discount rate calculated?
→  Each 1 coin is equivalent to 1% ؜ reduction

Example: A product with a 20% discount will charge 20 points of your balance for that discount.